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Tendaji Networks has access to top-level international information security specialists, allowing us to effectively guarantee the security of the systems and the information, thus ensuring the continuity of the business.


We implement and certify  advanced  ISO quality  standards fastly and effectively.  We have experience in implementation of:

  • ISO 9001 traditional system of overall quality managementiso15504iso14001iso9001
  • ISO 14001 international environmental management standard
  • ISO 27001 for ensuring an adequate level to manage information securityiso20000-itISO27001
  • ISO 20000 correct standard for customer service management
  • ISO15504 quality standard software development and specific developments
  • ISO 22301 generation standard to ensure business continuity
  • ISO 22320 the most recent safety standard for attacks or natural disasters, and EMERGENCY management.                                  .ISOcontinuidad

The Spanish company Start Upstartuplogo  supports Tendajinet in the analysis and certification of ISO Quality Standards.